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Focus on: Knee Pain

Why does my knee hurt when I run
Chronic Knee Pain is Common

I’ve met so many runners lately who experience pain in their knees and think, “Oh well, I guess I can’t ever run again. I’ll just bike/swim/walk/be out of shape.”

No! Knee pain is not a life sentence!

It’s your body giving you feedback about tension, stress, or impact.

There are two main reasons people experience knee pain:

  1. Your running form is causing excess stress to the knee joint.
  2. The muscles that connect to the knee are chronically tight and/or weak.

The good news is: both of these two root causes of knee pain can be corrected!

Don’t ignore knee pain! Get to the root cause.

You can learn to reduce stress on your knee by increasing your step cadence, and developing a forefoot or mid-foot landing.

And you can apply myofascial release techniques and strengthen the muscles around the knee to support it and reduce the risk of tendonitis.

In my 12-week Running Re-BootCamp, I give step-by-step video instructions for how to improve your running form, reduce injury, and tell you which strengthening exercises you should be doing to avoid knee pain.

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