4 Reasons Why Running Is Great For Your Mental Health

Mental health is hard. Between work, family, and other commitments, it can be tough to make time for mental health in your busy schedule. The benefits of cardio have long been touted as a great way to improve both your mental and physical health. Running provides many great benefits that other forms of exercise cannot provide. Here are a few reasons why running can help improve your mental health:

Stretching Before Exercise or Running: Why You Should Stop It, According to Research

I have vivid memories of sitting in a circle with teammates as The Coach cycles us through our stretches before practice/gym. “Ok, legs together and down. Touch your toes, and keep those knees straight! Now hold.” I never wondered why we stretched, or if it actually worked. I just assumed that Coach knows best, and … Read more

How to Test Your Running Fitness Accurately Using the “Solo Race” Method

With no large group races happening for over a year now, how are runners supposed to know if our training is working? More importantly, how are we supposed to brag to everyone on social media without that post-race shiny medal selfie!? I can’t help you with the medal part (or the need for external validation that I clearly relate to), but I have a practice that will allow you to test your running fitness accurately across your season without needing a big race to do it: The “Solo Race Test.”

How I Overcame Injury and Took Control of my Fitness

Colin running race

… and why everyone should have a coach. I’m sweating, the treadmill says 7.5, and I’m feeling good! Just a few minutes left in this run… maybe I’ll push it up to 8.5 for a fast finish, then do some stretching. The machine whirs faster as the belt speeds up, my legs respond with extra … Read more