Free Nutrition Assessment

You know that taking vitamins and supplements would be good for you, but you’ve been unsure of which to take.

Or maybe you already take vitamins, but you aren’t sure they’re working.

So how do you know a “multi-vitamin” is right for your age, health history, diet, and fitness goals? They don’t exactly have personalized vitamins made just for you, right?

Actually, now they do!

Meology is a free 5-10 minute health questionnaire designed by doctors and nutritionists that gives you an individualized, custom set of recommendations for vitamins, minerals and nutrition that is tailored just for you.

I believe in customizing every fitness plan to the individual clients I work with. Not everyone has the same body, the same history, or the same goals. So it makes sense that supplements should also be personalized.

It’s easy, painless, and actually kinda fun!

The results are fully confidential, and no one else will see them, unless you choose to share them with me. And even then, I can’t see any of your actual answers.

The assessment also comes with an optional consultation with me to discuss your results and answer your questions. Look for my follow-up email after you take it!

Don’t wait, it’s a great learning opportunity, and there is no obligation! You can find it by clicking here.

If you’re curious for more information before you try it, watch this short video from Shaklee, the creators of Me*ology: