The TFC Running Empowerment Program

Helping Runners Become Faster, Stronger, and More Durable Athletes — For Life!

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to take their running to the next level, whether you are:

  • Coming back from an injury, or experiencing chronic injury
  • Returning to running after a period of time off
  • Just starting to explore running as part of your fitness lifestyle
  • Moving up to a new distance, like your first Marathon or Half Marathon
  • Going for a new goal, like qualifying for Boston or completing the Abbott World Majors

Is there a dream running goal that you’ve always wanted to accomplish? Maybe it’s to complete a marathon or half marathon. Or run a particular time in the 5k or 10k. Maybe even do an adventure trail race in an exotic location?

But have other things gotten in the way, such as injury, lack of time, your work schedule or family commitments?

Then this course is for you! 

What is the Running Empowerment Program (REP)?

The Running Empowerment Program is a comprehensive training program to become a faster, stronger, more durable runner, for life. 

It is 12 weeks long, and new cohorts launch on the first Monday of every month. You complete the course with a group of like-minded runners and athletes who will become an invaluable resource for your learning and training.

Can you imagine what running goal could you accomplish if you improved your running form, were more resistant to injury, could safely add training volume and intensity, and could confidently pace your race?

You will get ALL of that in this program!

To learn more about what’s in the program, Schedule a call to talk with me 1-on-1!

What topics are covered in the course?

This course will include everything that runners struggle with and need to know to be durable and successful in the sport long-term. Here are a few sample topics we will cover in the 12-weeks of the course:

  • The #1 thing all runners can easily do immediately to improve their form and reduce injuries.
  • How to identify and correct chronic muscle imbalances that plague runners
    • (IT band issues, hip flexor pain, calf strains and plantar fasciitis, to name a few!)
  • Strategies for pacing the perfect race, anywhere from 1-mile up to the marathon.
  • How to safely use plyometric training and drills to improve your speed and agility.
  • Incorporating effective strength training, no matter your level of experience.
  • The three steps to becoming a more durable athlete, and “injury-proof”!
  • How to use technology to enhance your performance, learn about yourself, and pace your races.
Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
Month 1 Health and Well Being



Shoes, Gear & Technology.

[Cardio Pre-Test]
Basic Run Form

The Run/Walk Method

Run Durability 1 – Frequency
Basic Nutrition – Macros

Run Durability 2 – Activate before/Stretch after
Sneak preview of topics covered in month 1

What is included in the course?

  • Dozens of video and audio lessons custom created by me, along with other top running experts from around the world.
  • Lifetime access to the course materials.
  • A digital workbook with weekly assignments to help you integrate what you’re learning into your habits and practices.
  • Membership to a high-end fitness tracking and training app where you can log your workouts, meals, weight, and anything else you want to keep track of.
  • Lifetime access to our exclusive, private Facebook Group where you can interact with a community of runners with similar goals, mindsets, and interests. 
  • Weekly live group Q&A with me and other course members.
  • A 1-on-1 coaching session with me each month, flexible around your schedule
  • Email and text message access to me any time — I’ve got your back and will make sure you succeed!

What makes me qualified to lead this?

I have compiled my 20 years of competitive running experience into a 12-week course to help runners like you to be empowered in their running, at any age. I want to pass on my knowledge, thousands of miles of experience, and dozens of hours of research on running form, efficiency, planning and strength training. 

I am an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and am in the process of obtaining certifications from the USATF and the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA).

I’m also a certified teacher, with a M.Ed in Curriculum and Teaching from Boston University, and 10 years of classroom teaching experience.  So creating courses that are engaging, relevant, informative and challenging is literally my life’s work!

Why is it in a group format?

First of all, as a teacher I know that people learn best in a group, where they can troubleshoot issues, talk through complex ideas, and collaborate together. That’s where the magic happens! 

In a group setting I’m able to help more people more efficiently, and give you the added benefit of a group to support you, keep you accountable, and learn with. 

Second, it makes the content more affordable. If you wanted to hire me on an hourly basis, the rate for someone with my certifications and experience is around $100/hour. 

In this course, you’ll have access to about 4.5 hours of live time with me each month, plus hours of video, audio, and course materials that has taken me dozens of hours to compile and create. 

By my estimate, if I charged hourly, 1-on-1, the course would cost you over $3,000. 

That’s a lot, and is not affordable for most people!

And don’t worry, this course costs much less.

But hey, if you want me all to yourself, I’m happy to set up a plan with you at that price level! 

How do I sign up, or ask more questions?

Schedule a call with me so I can learn about your individual goals, history and experience! This course is not for everyone, and I want to make sure it’s a good fit for you.

P.S. — I donate a portion of the proceeds from each course to Trinity Boston Connects, a Boston non-profit with the mission to serve Boston’s youth of color, end systemic racism, and promote diversity, equity and inclusion.