My name is Colin Turner, and I am on a mission to help former athletes regain their fitness at any age, and find joy, fulfillment and accomplishment. I am a lifelong athlete who is passionate about nutrition and wellness. Over the years, I have discovered what a difference fitness and exercise have made on my mental health, sense of accomplishment, and energy levels.

My philosophy is to empower my clients, not tell them what to do. Unlike a personal trainer or physical therapist, I will address what is going on between your ears – the stories and limitations you have placed on yourself that are holding you back from your ideal fitness level. We will talk training plans and spreadsheets, but we’ll also address the deeper reasons why health and fitness are important to you, and who in your life can be a support and partner. It’s like if you merged a personal trainer with a life coach!

For 11 years, I trained as a Course Supervisor for Landmark Worldwide, the top personal training and development company in the world. I was personally trained by Landmark’s course leaders (who have been recognized as the best in the industry), and partnered with them to deliver courses in a group setting. I provided personal coaching in between sessions, and worked directly with participants to ensure they left our courses transformed, with more power, freedom, self expression and peace of mind.

I also have extensive experience with health and nutrition, and have partnered with Shaklee to offer the best and most Earth-friendly products available. I’ve mentored with my mother, Diane Turner, who is a Certified Nutrition Advisor, and certified in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University.

In addition to being a fitness coach, I have a fulfilling career of over ten years as a educator in the Boston Public Schools, focusing on Civic education. I am the father of two young children and the spouse of a prolific travel and life blog writer, global education specialist, and educational cartoon artist named Lillie.